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Through our food, clothing and personal care center we assist approximately 300 - 400 people per month. The value of the food is about $400. Through our school snack program, we provide nutritious snacks to five schools ensuring hundreds of children have something to eat.


We partner with three community meal programs that provide a warm dinner to over 200 people per month. Additionally, we offer Bags of Hope for our neighbors who find themselves homeless and staying

at the local hotels. All told, we provide food or snacks for approximately 2000 people every month.

We believe information is powerful. We also believe that the majority of the neighbors who come for food, clothing and personal care items, want to become self-sufficient. Many do not know the path to take or the resources available to them.


Our Resource Center is a place where our neighbors and service providers can connect. Transportation is a limiting factor in Boone County and helping a neighbor maximize their time is very important. When they come for food once a month, we connect them to the services they need.

We partner with over 12 social service agencies directly and another 20 by brochures and information. We are always open to more partnerships to better inform our neighbors.


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